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Stop trading currencies and start negotiate strategies.


Diversify your Portfolio

CrypZ is the first Brazilian platform to operate crypto assets in an automated way using the most modern technology on the market. Using trend and volatility to your advantage, CrypZ brings you an easy and intuitive tool to carry out your trades and be able to diversify your portfolio in a safe and simple way.


Supported Exchanges


We support 10 of the largest global exchanges, bringing total mobility so you can operate your resources in complete safety.


Turn volatility into opportunity!

It only takes a few minutes to create a robot, connect your brokers and track its performance seamlessly from your dashboard.

Our unique algorithms detect and automatically trade the highest yielding currencies in real time, trying to capture a potential increase or in line with your strategy.

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Create your own strategies.

You can create automated macro trading strategies to capture a potential upswing in the market.

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No Technical Terms

Here you have access to a simple and direct language, without terms that could confuse or hinder your performance.

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Your money, your account.

There is no need to transfer resources anywhere. Here you create access within your brokerage and allow the robot to only trade your assets. You have the security of your brokerage and our servers work with cryptography in the negotiations.

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Fixed and Dynamic Presets.

In addition to being able to use trigger volatility for your trades, you can also create specific conditions so that your trades are made with the best currencies at the moment.


Made for experts and those yet to be.

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Our goal is to make life easier for the user, so we have developed an easy-to-navigate platform with a user-friendly interface.

You don't need to be a crypto expert to use our platform. You'll also have preconfigured presets to apply to your account and trade like a pro.


What our customers say

CrypZ has completely changed my perspective towards the cryptocurrency market. As an entrepreneur, I have always been interested in investment opportunities, but I never felt secure enough to explore this complex world.
As a college student, I've always been on the lookout for ways to earn extra money. CrypZ was the answer to my desires. With CrypZ, I can easily and conveniently trade cryptocurrencies even with little prior knowledge.
The combination of advanced analytics features, real-time data and the robust security offered by CrypZ gives me peace of mind when carrying out my trades.

Get ready to boost your productivity with our workflows

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